Meet The Team

Doctorate Students

Ryan Schlinkman

  • Quasi-conforming reproducing kernel particle method (QC-RKPM) 
  • Soft target impact into soil or fluids

Kristen Susuki

  • Meshfree electrochemical-mechanical system degradation models 
  • Image based modeling
  • Crack propagation of battery materials

Yanran (Iris) Wang

  • Image based modeling of composite materials
  • Fracture and strain localization behaviors of composite materials

Han Zhao

  • Automated isogeometric analysis (IGA) for complex shell structures
  • Design optimization for aerospace structures using isogeometric shells

Jennifer Fromm

  • Immersed boundary methods for multi-material and multi-physics problems
  • Interpolation-based integration techniques for computational mechanics

Sam Casebolt

  • Classical and Relativistic Solid Mechanics
  • FEM